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Automatic Secondary Packaging System

Secondary packaging equipment makes the process of packaging and packaging products automatic. No matter you need to group, shrink, bundle, layer and stack bottles, we can provide packaging automation

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Automatic Secondary Packaging System

  • Palletizer gantry robot

    Palletizer gantry robot

    Gantry palletizer is used in beer, food and beverage industry, chemical industry, etc. to stack all kinds of bottles, cans and bags. Large production capacity, suitable for a variety of pallets and boxes, easy to adjust. The production line transformation only needs to modify the software program, and it is convenient to switch the stack type with one key and change the product. Suitable for palletizing carton and heat shrinkable film.

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  • Pick and Place Case Packer

    Pick and Place Case Packer

    Grab type packing machine is a packing machine designed and produced by our company, which is operated by pneumatic and electric. Its advantages are compact structure, beautiful appearance, low energy consumption, stable operation and convenient operation. The driving device is symmetrical double rocker arm, which is driven by Japanese Mitsubishi servo motor or three-phase asynchronous motor and runs smoothly.

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    This machine has a mesh belt conveyor to arrange the products in order, which is divided into six Z rows, five rows or four rows (changed according to different packaging methods). In addition, the paper is also stacked on one side. The principle of machine arm is used to pull the paper down to the front, and the roller is used to push it. When the paper and the product reach the positioning point, the machine push mechanism is used to swing left and right to make the product fall on the paper, There is a group of cylinders under the paper and a suction cup to pull down the paper and products for forming. After forming, the paper and products are transported forward by chain drive, and the forward action is done again. After the box is formed, the glue spraying and bonding action is done for each forward transport, and the paper and products are pushed forward to the conveyor, and then the stacking pallet action is done. The swing arm is used to assist the bottle feeding of the can products, and the automatic bottle separator is used to assist the bottle feeding of the plastic bottles.

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  • Drink Chain Conveyor

    Drink Chain Conveyor

    Our company's production line layout fully considers the relationship between customer investment and production line efficiency. On the basis of introducing foreign technology, we can well meet the requirements of production line transportation. The system adopts foreign advanced technology, the mechanical structure is a new design, and most components are formed by stamping or bending, which has the advantages of good rigidity, light weight and good interchangeability. Reliable operation, convenient maintenance, suitable for conveying diameter. 40 ~ 110 mm can (bottle). The non pressure conveying system, relying on real-time speed signal acquisition and feedback and automatic differential control system, can realize the tank (bottle) on the conveyor belt smoothly changing from multi column to single column in the movement state, without mutual extrusion phenomenon. The electrical control system adopts PLC to control the whole operation of the conveying buffer system of the solid tank (bottle), which can automatically realize the functions of acceleration and deceleration of the running speed and automatic buffer.

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  • Basket loading and unloading systems

    Basket loading and unloading systems

    Basket loading and unloading systems is the guarantee to realize the continuous and efficient work of the whole post sterilization system, which is mainly composed of automatic cage loading system, trolley system and automatic cage unloading system. This system is mainly used for automatic loading and unloading cage operation of pop can, PE bottle and glass bottled beverage before and after sterilization. The simple steps can be divided into loading cage action, trolley movement and in and out of kettle action, unloading cage action. The whole process of action are realized by automation, such as: automatic push can into the basket, automatic lifting, automatic take-off and put clapboard, automatic cage basket turnover, automatic in and out of the kettle, etc. The whole set of actions can realize automatic assembly line operation, save manpower and greatly improve production efficiency.

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  • Palletizer for empty cans

    Palletizer for empty cans

    Main structural features: The main body of the conveying stack is welded with high-quality carbon steel pipe, with stable structure, 3 stacks of space reserved for standard configuration, and the bearing capacity can reach 3.2T; The guiding structure is designed for the main stacking station to ensure the smooth entry of empty can stacks. During the whole stacking, the transverse deformation of the whole stacking can be restored and corrected to prevent the can falling and squeezing during the lifting process; The lifting power motor is controlled by frequency conversion, which can be automatically locked in case of accidental power failure, so as to ensure the safety of personnel and protect the tank stack from damage; It has the characteristics of stable structure, good loading capacity and high space utilization; The photoelectric sensor is installed on the top to detect and position, improve the accuracy of height control. When unloading the tank, the action is completed by the encircling structure, which limits the external size of the whole layer of tank, and then drives the synchronous belt transmission by the self-made motor controlled by frequency conversion, so as to ensure that there will be no extrusion deformation or toppling jam when the tank moves with online degree of freedom.

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  • Palletizing and Depalletizing Robot Solutions

    Palletizing and Depalletizing Robot Solutions

    The robot automatic palletizing system includes: box conveying system, box finishing system, robot fixture, robot system, tray conveying system, tray buffer system, etc. The product cartons are transported to the box finishing system by the box conveying system after the automatic sealing machine or film wrapping machine. After finishing and arranging, the products are captured by the robot through the fixture. The captured products are stacked layer by layer according to the product stacking requirements. After stacking, the pallets are transported to the forklift receiving point by the pallet conveying system, waiting for receiving or docking with the automatic stereoscopic warehouse. According to the production speed requirements of the system, the empty tray automatic conveying station can be configured separately, and the robot can also be used to supply the palletizing plate.

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