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This is the working video of the filling machine produced by sunrise intelligent company, which shows how to solve problems for the establishment of water plant and how to produce bottled water from filling to packaging. Sunrise's extensive experience in the field of PET bottled water manufacturing and packaging has made us experts in the industry and has professional skills in various fields of filling. So far, we have provided thousands of water injection lines to dozens of countries around the world. We will always research and innovate in the product development to solve the market, and ensure that we and our customers become the industry leaders. Using PET resin and PE resin as raw materials and bottled water produced by injection molding machine to produce raw material bottle caps and caps, beginners or small and medium investors can also purchase directly from suppliers. The empty bottle is blown out from the bottle blank by the bottle blowing machine, the water chiller and enough compressed air. The empty bottle is transported to the washing filling sealing machine through the air conveying system. The filling machine consists of three functions. The washing part ensures that all the water filled in the bottle is clean enough by cleaning and ozone water. The filling part fills the product into the bottle through different filling nozzles. The more the filling head, the larger the capacity, After filling, the sealing part will seal the bottle. Visually inspect the bottle for impurities. After the bottles enter the labeling system, according to the requirements of customers, sunrise can provide water filling detection machine, OPP labeling machine, PVC shrinkage labeling machine, self-adhesive labeling machine, etc. After packaging, the final bottled water is sold to different markets. As a manufacturer of beverage packaging machinery, sunrise has provided products and perfect after-sales services for many customers around the world, such as Glen Affric brewery of UK, Coca Cola of India, aquamist of Kenya, sayona Jambo of Tanzania, blue wave of Uganda, Canaima of Venezuela, etc. We warmly welcome customers to visit us.