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Water Filling Line

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Water Filling Line

  • Automatic weighing - filling water line

    Automatic weighing - filling water line

    Processing bottle type: PET bottle Technical features: quantitative weighing and precise control of filling weight sunrise filling design, safe and hygienic, excellent flow channel design, hygienic and easy to clean, can collect the weight data of each bottle, can pre-store filling and assembly methods of different volumetric bottle shapes, and it is convenient and fast to change production.

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  • Liquid level detection filling

    Liquid level detection filling

    Processing bottle type: PET bottle Liquid level detection, quantitative and precise control of filling liquid level, non-contact filling design, safe and hygienic. Excellent runner design, hygienic and easy to clean The accuracy of the liquid level is not affected by the accuracy of the bottle itself

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  • Flow meter filling

    Flow meter filling

    Technical characteristics:Flow meter accurately controls filling volume Non-contact filling design, safe and hygienic Automatic CIP fake cup Optimal CIP filling valve flow channel design to ensure clean and no residue during cleaning Choose different flow meters according to the conductivity of water Higher filling speed More suitable for lightweight bottles Pre-stored filling and assembly methods of different volumetric flask shapes Conversion is extremely convenient and fast Easier to maintain

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  • Mechanical valve filling

    Mechanical valve filling

    Technical characteristics:Control the liquid level with return air pipes of different lengths Hygienic design There are two options for filling or no reflow Lightweight bottles can be achieved

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Small bottle water filling:  Water is not set in stone. It is a product with many facets: mineral water, purified water, or other kinds of drinking water. What kind of technology is used to prevent the production of bromate? How does the mechanical filling valve make every bottle of water crystal clear and free of impurities? What kind of technology is used to achieve high-speed, high-precision filling, or to minimize bottle weight?

Sunrise, as an expert in liquid product filling technology, is always able to find the best solution in a variety of product forms.

Big bottle of water filling: Disposable large PET bottles of 2.5L to 20L are more and more popular with consumers due to their high sanitation and convenience for carrying and drinking.

Although both belong to the PET water filling series, the big bottle water filling machine and the small bottle water filling machine have completely different considerations: how to ensure that the bottle does not expand during the filling process? How to deal with bottles with handles? How to make the structure of the equipment more concise and stable while taking into account various bottle types?

Sunrise large bottle water filling machine adopts non-reflux non-contact filling, and the bottle mouth has no contact with the filling valve, which can prevent secondary pollution of drinking water. The filling machine quantitative method has weighing quantitative and liquid level detection quantitative for selection. The weight accuracy of weighing and quantitative filling is not affected by the volume of the bottle, and the quantitative accuracy is high; the quantitative filling accuracy of liquid level detection is not affected by the volume accuracy of the bottle itself, and the liquid level accuracy is high. The filling valve adopts clean seal design, hygienic flow path, dynamic seal adopts diaphragm seal, long life, fast and slow double-speed filling method, fast filling speed. The bottle-shaped part can adopt a quick-change structure.


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