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Robot Palletizing System 20 Boxes Per Minute Single Station Robot Palletizer

Robot Palletizing System 20 Boxes Per Minute Single Station Robot Palletizer

  • Operation Method
    Horizontal Tray Type
  • Production Capacity
    20 Boxes Per Minute (4X6)
  • Tray Size
    Refer To 1200X1000
  • Carton Size
    150-450 (length And Width), 150-400 (height)
  • Pallet Stacking Compartment
    10 Pallets As A Benchmark
  • Power Consumption
    Power Source: 16Kw Air: 200L/min
  • Stacking Limit
    Pallet Conveyor: 2 Trays
  • Equipment Size (approximately)
    12000 Length × 7300 Width Weight: 5500kg
  • Conveyor Height (approximately)
    Into The Box: 800mm Unstack: 600mm
  • Stacking Board Storage
    Automatically Supply 10 ~ 15 Stacking Boards
  • Place of Origin
    Jiangsu, China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    EcoVadis audit, UL certification, SGS certification, Sedex certification, European Union PED, American ASME, German TUV, Russian GOST, European Union ATEX, Australia AS1210, CE, ISO
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Standard shipping wooden box or stretch film packaging
  • Delivery Time
    120 days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    6 units per year

Robot Palletizing System 20 Boxes Per Minute Single Station Robot Palletizer

20 Boxes Per Minute Single Station Robot Palletizer


Product introduction:


The 20 box/minute single station robot palletizer is a robot palletizing system designed by our company. The system is an intelligent control system that uses robots as the main operating body and is equipped with conveying and regular auxiliary equipment to complete the product palletizing process. . The robot palletizing system has many advantages such as strong product adaptability, strong compatibility with multiple specifications, and convenient system maintenance. Compared with conventional palletizing equipment, the robot palletizing system can simultaneously meet multiple production lines and palletize multiple types of products at the same time. 

The robot automatic palletizing system includes: box conveying system, box sorting system, robot fixture, robot system, pallet conveying system, pallet buffer system, etc. The product carton is transported by the box conveying system to the box finishing system after the automatic sealing machine or film wrapping machine. After sorting and arrangement, the product is picked up by the robot through the fixture, and the picked products are stacked layer by layer according to the product stacking requirements. After the palletizing is completed, it is transported by the pallet conveying system to the forklift pick-up point for picking up or docking with the automatic three-dimensional warehouse. According to the production speed requirements of the system, the empty pallet automatic conveying station can be configured separately, or the robot can be used to supply the stacking plate.


Product properties


 1. Operation method:  horizontal tray type
 2. Production capacity:  20 boxes/min (4X6)
 3. Tray size:  refer to 1200X1000
 4. Carton size:  150-450 (length and width), 150-400 (height)
 5. Arrangement:  According to customer requirements
 6. Pallet stacking compartment:  10 pallets as a benchmark
 7. Power consumption  Power source: 16Kw
Air: 200L/min
 8. Stacking limit  Pallet conveyor: 2 trays
 9. Equipment size (approximately)  12000 length × 7300 width
Weight: 5500kg
 10. Conveyor height (approximately)
Into the box:
Unstack: 600mm
 11. Stacking board storage:  automatically supply 10 ~ 15 stacking boards


Robot Palletizing System 20 Boxes Per Minute Single Station Robot Palletizer 0Robot Palletizing System 20 Boxes Per Minute Single Station Robot Palletizer 1Robot Palletizing System 20 Boxes Per Minute Single Station Robot Palletizer 2


Electrical control system configuration requirements:

The electric control box and other electrical parts must meet the IP55 waterproof level, and must have effective grounding measures. The equipment is equipped with effective safety protection measures and no hidden safety hazards are allowed. For example, safety guardrails and grating electric eyes are installed in the robot working area, safety gates and emergency stop facilities are installed, and it meets GB/T 8196-2003 "Mechanical safety protection device fixed and movable protection The current standard of "General Requirements for Device Design and Manufacturing".


System equipment technical parameters and configuration


1. Control cabinet and electrical components

(1) The supporting wires and electrical components in the control are imported or joint venture brands to ensure the service life and performance. The specific configuration is:
Germany Siemens PLC, touch screen; DANFOSS frequency converter; Schneider low-voltage electrical components; Japan Izumi relay; Germany SICK, Japan OMRON sensor; Japan SMC cylinder and solenoid valve; Schneider button switch
(2) The control cabinet and other electrical installation parts have waterproof measures, meet the IP55 waterproof level, and have effective grounding measures, and the electrical installation meets national standards.
(3) The control and system wiring adopts a three-phase 5-wire system, and the neutral wire is separated from the ground wire.
(4) Electrical components are installed in the control box through guide rails, which is easy to disassemble and assemble.
(5) The key switch, operation buttons, indicator lights, etc. are all installed on the operation panel, with a compact and beautiful structure
(6) In addition, a safety-protected gas-electric converter, integrated solenoid valve, Hall switch and other components are installed.
(7) All wiring and piping in the system are reasonable, beautiful and neat; all signal sources that need to be swivelled are connected by sealed electrical boxes; all signal points are clearly numbered for easy maintenance and replacement.

2. Conveyor

(1) Conveyor frame: adopts carbon steel frame, the structure is firm and stable
(2) Drum: The drum is made of STS304 stainless steel drum, and the drum gears are all made of carbon steel.
(3) Conveyor legs: Welded by carbon steel square tubes, with high strength
(4) Drive motor: Wanlian
(5) The motor and chain drive parts are all protected by safety covers

3. Regulate the platform

(1) The structured platform adopts stainless steel square tube welding bracket
(2) The structured platform uses stainless steel rollers to transport and organize cartons
(3) Install carton steering device and slitting device on the regular platform
(4) A push cylinder is installed on the structured platform to push the structured cartons to the grabbing platform
(5) The rubber-coated roller is used on the regular platform to carry out the carton separation and conveying to ensure the accuracy and safety of regular counting
(6) The regularization area of ​​the regularization platform is separated from the box grabbing area, and after the regulation is completed, the box pushing device pushes the cartons to the designated grabbing area, and the regularization platform can continue the subsequent regularization of the carton
(7) An automatic box jam alarm detection system is installed on the regulation platform. When the regulation platform fails, the regulation platform stops running and sends out an alarm.
(9) An excess detection system is installed on the regularization platform. When the regular carton arrangement is deformed and cannot satisfy the robot for normal grasping, the regularization platform will alarm, and the robot will stop grasping the products of the platform and give an alarm.
(10) A safety operation button is installed on the regulation platform. When the safety operation button is pressed, the operator can perform manual processing on the regulation platform. After the safety operation button is pressed, the robot stops grabbing the regulated product.
(11) The structured platform adopts a staggered layout to ensure that the robot can grab products from three stations at the same time

4. Robot fixture

The robot clamp is made of high-strength aviation aluminum profile, and the robot clamp fork
It is made of seamless stainless steel tube with high strength and durability; the driving cylinder adopts Japanese SMC products. The fixtures are divided into full-layer fixtures and plate-layer fixtures.

5. System energy consumption:


16KW, robot: 7.5KW; conveyor system 8.5KW.