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1 Liter Bottled Water Washing Filling Capping Filling Machine

1 Liter Bottled Water Washing Filling Capping Filling Machine

  • High Light

    1l mineral water filling machine


    1l bottled water filling machine


    50hz mineral water filling machine

  • Degree Of Automation
    Fully Automatic
  • Capacity
    40 Bottles Per Minute.
  • Bottle Sizes
    1 Liter
  • Water Quality
    Mineral Water/mountain Spring Water/purified Water
  • After-sales Service Provided
    Engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas,Online Support,Video Technical Support,Field Installation,Free Spare Parts
  • Rated Frequency
  • Voltage
  • Custom Processing
  • Power
  • Material Type
    304/316 Stainless Steel
  • Water Production
    2 Tons -30 Tons/hour
  • Place of Origin
    Jiangsu, China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    EcoVadis audit, UL certification, SGS certification, Sedex certification, European Union PED, American ASME, German TUV, Russian GOST, European Union ATEX, Australia AS1210, CE, ISO
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Standard shipping wooden box or stretch film packaging
  • Delivery Time
    120 days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

1 Liter Bottled Water Washing Filling Capping Filling Machine

1L bottled water filling machine 1000ml mineral water filling production line mineral water packaging machine


Drinking automated production equipment is small packaging bottled water 350ml, 500ml, drinking water 1L, 1.5L bottled water and a large capacity of 2L, as the market Nongfushangquan Hill hundred bottles of water / mineral water. The bottled drinking water production line is mainly composed of the following parts: water treatment equipment, that is, drinking water filtration and purification systems, automatic bottle blowing equipment, three-in-one atmospheric filling equipment, coding equipment, labeling equipment, packaging equipment, which is a complete assembly line, seemingly ordinary bottle of bottled drinking water, the need for strict rational water treatment process, selection and production output per hour to match the drinking water filling machine production line equipment.

1 Liter Bottled Water Washing Filling Capping Filling Machine 0


Drinking water three-in-one filling machine belongs to the atmospheric pressure filling machine, we also call it atmospheric three-in-one filling equipment, suitable for filling airless and low-viscosity liquids, and also for filling airless soda water. When we manufacture filling machine, the machining accuracy of the parts is very high, which can ensure assembling precision machine. Compared with the ordinary filling machine, our countertop will be milled on the entire face of the gantry milling machine, and go down about 5mm to ensure the flatness of the entire countertop. Then use the processed table top as a benchmark to process the main shaft holes of the bottle washing mechanism, filling mechanism, and capping mechanism to ensure the position distance between the main shaft holes, the parallelism and the perpendicularity to the table top, so as to ensure the assembly accuracy .


1 Liter Bottled Water Washing Filling Capping Filling Machine 1

Bottled drinking water automatic filling machine 3 in 1 filling equipment, in our design for bottled water, it is like sticking a sticker and marking the current production date with a laser. The grade is slightly higher. Of course, the cost of the sticker label is also higher. of. There are many ways of labeling. How many labels are attached, whether to position or not, and the speed of labeling determine which labeling machine is used, and the cost of equipment varies. Self-adhesive labeling is a bit better, the font on the label will not be deformed, and the heat shrinkage of the sleeve label will slightly deform the text on the label. Bottled water is generally packaged in cartons, one-piece cartons, and hot-melt adhesive seals. The appearance of the package is very good.


1Liter Bottled water production line Automatic mineral water filling machine Xiaopingshan spring water equipment integrates mineral water washing, filling and capping. It is called a three-in-one atmospheric filling machine, suitable for filling 1L - 1.5L - 2L small bottles of mineral water. The material of the automatic mineral water filling machine is food grade 304 stainless steel, and the electrical control part is mainly controlled by touch screen, PLC, and frequency converter. PET plastic bottles are divided into 28 mouths and 30 mouths. The empty bottles are transported by wind to enter the three-in-one filling machine. The delivery of the empty bottles depends on the middle star wheel to block the mouth of the bottle. The filling operation is carried out on the bottom of the bottle. Therefore, the same automatic three-in-one mineral water filling machine can be used for washing, filling, and capping operations of bottles of different capacities. It is only necessary to ensure that the diameter of the mouth of all bottles is the same.
Composition of PET bottle production equipment: including water treatment system, automatic bottle blowing machine, pneumatic conveying line, cap conveying sterilizer, cap cleaning machine, bottle washing, filling and capping three lines, blow dryer, sleeve labeling machine, and coding A complete set of filling and packaging production lines including palletizers, palletizers, winding machines, solid bottle conveying systems, box conveying systems, electrical control systems, etc. Optional equipment: automatic bottle unscrambler or manual unscrambled bottle system, full/semi-automatic bottle washing machine, labeling machine, carton packaging machine, nitrogen addition machine, etc. Production capacity: Our company has formed a complete serialized product line, with a supply capacity ranging from 2,000 bottles/hour to 36,000 bottles/hour (calculated based on 500ml PET bottles).