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This machine has a mesh belt conveyor to arrange the products in order, which is divided into six Z rows, five rows or four rows (changed according to different packaging methods). In addition, the paper is also stacked on one side. The principle of machine arm is used to pull the paper down to the front, and the roller is used to push it. When the paper and the product reach the positioning point, the machine push mechanism is used to swing left and right to make the product fall on the paper, There is a group of cylinders under the paper and a suction cup to pull down the paper and products for forming. After forming, the paper and products are transported forward by chain drive, and the forward action is done again. After the box is formed, the glue spraying and bonding action is done for each forward transport, and the paper and products are pushed forward to the conveyor, and then the stacking pallet action is done. The swing arm is used to assist the bottle feeding of the can products, and the automatic bottle separator is used to assist the bottle feeding of the plastic bottles.