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Drink Chain Conveyor

Our company's production line layout fully considers the relationship between customer investment and production line efficiency. On the basis of introducing foreign technology, we can well meet the requirements of production line transportation. The system adopts foreign advanced technology, the mechanical structure is a new design, and most components are formed by stamping or bending, which has the advantages of good rigidity, light weight and good interchangeability. Reliable operation, convenient maintenance, suitable for conveying diameter. 40 ~ 110 mm can (bottle). The non pressure conveying system, relying on real-time speed signal acquisition and feedback and automatic differential control system, can realize the tank (bottle) on the conveyor belt smoothly changing from multi column to single column in the movement state, without mutual extrusion phenomenon. The electrical control system adopts PLC to control the whole operation of the conveying buffer system of the solid tank (bottle), which can automatically realize the functions of acceleration and deceleration of the running speed and automatic buffer.