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12000 BPH Mineral Water Washing Filling Capping Filling Machine KSCGF

12000 BPH Mineral Water Washing Filling Capping Filling Machine KSCGF

  • High Light

    24000BPH mineral water filling machine


    pet bottle water filling machine 12000BPH


    Customized PET bottle water filling machine

  • Capacity
    10000-12000 BPH For 500ml
  • Function
    Washing Filling Capping 3 In 1 Machine
  • Application
    Pure Water, RO Water, Mineral Water, Sparkling Water, Alcoholic Drinks, Wine, Etc.
  • Suitable For
    PET Bottles
  • Filling System
    Gravity Filling
  • Production Capacity
    12000 BPH
  • Place of Origin
    Jiangsu, China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    EcoVadis audit, UL certification, SGS certification, Sedex certification, European Union PED, American ASME, German TUV, Russian GOST, European Union ATEX, Australia AS1210, CE, ISO
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
    Talk online
  • Packaging Details
    Standard shipping wooden box or stretch film packaging
  • Delivery Time
    120 days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    N sets per year

12000 BPH Mineral Water Washing Filling Capping Filling Machine KSCGF

Washing, filling, capping  3-in-1 Water filling machine is suitable for all kinds of fruit juice beverage filling production. The conveyor chain plate of this machine adopts gear as thrust conveyor chain plate to avoid collision and deformation between cans. Most of the link structure of this machine is on the top of the machine, which is convenient for future operation and maintenance of the machine.12000 BPH Mineral Water Washing Filling Capping Filling Machine KSCGF 0

Containers and specifications
Project Name: Full Automatic Complete Mineral Water 12000 BPH Production Line


drinking water

Material Shape Filling volume Filling level(mm) Neck type
PET Bottle Square or Round Bottle 250-2000ml

Distance from bottle neck

According request

As request
Adjustable specifications of the bottle type Bottle diameter ≤110mm Bottle Height≤320mm
  Customers need to buy additional change-over parts for the different bottles.
If using square bottles, then bottle separating system will be added.
Container Label & Control Mode Packaging system Palletizing system


Hot Melt Sticker Labeling

PVC Shrink Labeling

Full Label/ Half Label

Manual / Automatic

Packing system Min, Spec.
Low position gantry palletizer
Robot Palletizer
High position gantry palletizer
Single Arm Palletizer
Manual Palletizer
Film shrinker
Wrap Around packer
Robert Packing Machine
User Ambient Conditions Temperature:10~40℃;Humidity:No dew
User Electrical Supply Specification Voltage:380V±5%, 3phase; Frequency:50HZ±1%

































This machine is made of SUS304 which has direct contact with water (liquid). The outer frame of the machine is formed by folding SUS304.
The machine is a full-automatic multi-function combined unit integrating washing, filling and capping. It is used for automatic washing, filling and sealing of all kinds of airless drinks, fruit juice, oil vinegar, wine, fruit wine, mineral water and purified water. The machine has unique design, novel style, complete functions, strong applicability, convenient operation, beautiful appearance and high degree of automation, It is the filling equipment with the ratio of performance to price in China.
Features of washing, filling and capping three in one machine:
Tinplate can has the characteristics of magnetism. There are magnet in the three parts of bottle punching, filling and sealing to control the movement track of the can. The clamp of the bottle punching part is electrolyzed, the filling valve is electrolyzed, and the capping head is electrolyzed to prevent rust.
Operation process:
Put the cans into the can tipper, and customers can choose to use gas or pure water to wash the cans according to their own requirements. The cleaned cans will then enter the filling machine, and the cans will enter the filling valve port and filling in turn driven by the paddle plate. The filled cans will be transported to the sealing machine through the paddle plate and conveying, The sealing machine can seal the filled jar with a gland.

Fully considering the hygiene level, all parts in contact with materials are made of stainless steel 304. Output from 8000-36000 bottles per hour for customers to choose, plastic bottles, glass bottles and a variety of different covers can be customized according to the actual needs of customers. This machine is mainly used for filling operation, washing, filling, sealing three in one, touch screen operation of the whole process, realize automation, make it used for polyester bottles, plastic bottles. The main filling mineral water, purification technology and other non gas liquid, each part can be adjusted freely according to the shape of the bottle, simple and fast, stable and reliable. This machine adopts advanced PLC control system to control the automatic operation of the machine. The air supply device is used for bottle feeding, and the adjustable speed mode is used for bottle output chain, which is more stable and easy to operate. High degree of automation, mineral water, purified water and other manufacturers ideal equipment.

Configurations of water filling machine

Name Supplier
PLC SIemens
Touch screen weinvew
Frequency converter Danfoss
Air switch,circuit breaker contactor Schneider
Photoeleceric switch SICK
Proximity switch SICK
Intermediate relay Schneider
Temperature control,pressure meter Omron
Main motoe Zhejiang Tongli
Main bearing harbin
Lubrication bearing Harbin
Seal component Han sheng
Pneuamatic componenr Airtac
Bottle washing pump Nan fang Pump

The bottle is transported through the air duct, and then transported to the three-in-one bottle washing machine through the star wheel. A bottle clamp is installed on the turntable of the bottle washing machine to clamp the bottle mouth and rotate 180 degrees along the guide rail to make the bottle mouth downward. In a specific area of the bottle washing machine, bottle washing water is sprayed from the nozzle of the bottle washing clamp to clean the inner wall of the bottle. After the bottle is washed and drained, it is turned over 180 times along the guide rail under the bottle clamp to make the bottle mouth upward. The washed bottles are led out by the bottle washing machine through the star wheel, and then transported to the filling machine. The bottle entering the filling machine is jammed by the bottleneck support plate, rises under the action of the cam, and then the filling valve is pushed open by the bottle mouth. Gravity filling is used. After the filling is completed, the bottle mouth drops from the filling valve position, and the bottle enters the capping machine through the transition wheel of the bottleneck. The anti-rotation knife on the capping machine blocks the bottleneck to keep the bottle upright and prevent rotation. The capping head keeps revolution and rotation on the capping machine. Under the action of the cam, the capping head can grasp, cover, screw and take off the capping head to complete the entire capping process.12000 BPH Mineral Water Washing Filling Capping Filling Machine KSCGF 1

12000 BPH Mineral Water Washing Filling Capping Filling Machine KSCGF 2

12000 BPH Mineral Water Washing Filling Capping Filling Machine KSCGF 3

12000 BPH Mineral Water Washing Filling Capping Filling Machine KSCGF 4