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9000BPH 500ml PET Bottle Water Filling Machine (KSCGF08B)

9000BPH 500ml PET Bottle Water Filling Machine (KSCGF08B)

  • High Light

    PET bottle high speed water filling machine


    Automatic 3 in 1 drinking water filling machine


    10000HBP Mineral water PET bottle filling machine

  • Bottle Type
    PET; D=50〜97mm; H=150~320mm
  • Installed Capacity
  • Compressed Air Consumption
  • Water Consumption
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Washout Rate
  • Bottle Damage Rate
  • Domoge Rate Of Bottle Cap
  • Sealing Pass Rate
  • Capping Torque
    0.6〜2.8N.m Fluctuation Range ± 15%
  • Liquid Loss Rate
  • Place of Origin
    Jiangsu, China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    EcoVadis audit, UL certification, SGS certification, Sedex certification, European Union PED, American ASME, German TUV, Russian GOST, European Union ATEX, Australia AS1210, CE, ISO
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Standard shipping wooden box or stretch film packaging
  • Delivery Time
    120 days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    6 sets per year

9000BPH 500ml PET Bottle Water Filling Machine (KSCGF08B)

9000BPH 500ml PET Bottle Water Filling Machine (KSCGF08B) 0

Sunrise - Water filling machine technology and investment budget, production capacity can be customized equipment, kscgf08b water filling machine has a variety of output options, output as low as 12000 bottles / hour. According to different output and requirements, this water production line has different configuration. Customers are advised to invest at low cost, with relatively low degree of automation and abundant budget. At the same time, if they want to reduce labor input, the use of automation equipment can reduce labor input in the later stage. The detailed equipment configuration of water filling machine is mainly based on the actual needs of customers. It is a kind of multifunctional carton packaging equipment. Through certain mechanical equipment technology, products can be loaded into cartons by manipulator, and a lot of production time and labor cost can be saved by manual way. With the rapid increase of labor force year by year, the popularity of automatic equipment production will be more and more. Water filling machine a complete set of open box system mainly includes automatic open box, automatic packaging, automatic sealing and other modules. With the emergence of automatic conveying system, all parts of the equipment play a role of seamless connection. After the finished product boxes produced by water filling machine come out, they are stacked manually or by

Function :Cleaning filling capping filling machine Control : PLC
Suitable :PET bottle with screw cap Bottle Size :500-20000 ml
Filling System:Gavity Filling Capacity :12000BPH For 500ml

palletizer.9000BPH 500ml PET Bottle Water Filling Machine (KSCGF08B) 1

The water filling machine on the production line adopts the way of bottle mouth clamping to transport bottles. The whole machine is able to meet the filling production of different capacity bottles, but the specifications and diameter of the bottle mouth must be consistent. The automatic capping machine will send the capping to the capping disinfection channel, then enter the capping slide after disinfection, washing and drying, and use the guide rail to enter the capping mechanism for capping. The sealed finished mineral water is output by the conveying chain plate. In the electrical aspect, Siemens PLC and frequency converter are used to control the operation of the whole machine. Our company's water filling machine bottle chain plate adopts stepless speed regulation, which is consistent with the bottle speed, so that the bottle is more stable and does not pour. Please note that the flushing water is finished water, which is the same as that of other brands of filling machines. The filling methods of this series of water filling machines include normal pressure filling and liquid gravity filling. The nut is used to cover, which is the same principle as our daily cover. High speed constant level filling valve and magnetic constant torque device are adopted to ensure the quality of each bottle of filling machine. The sunris - water filling machine is equipped with overload protection device, which can stop the machine immediately in case of bottle sticking fault, so as to ensure the safety of the machine and operators. Sunris - water filling machine has counting function. Through the variable frequency speed control button, the filling machine can realize the production of stepless speed change, detect the lack of cover, and

Containers and specifications
Project Name: Full Automatic Complete Mineral Water 8000-36000bph Production Line


drinking water

Material Shape Filling volume Filling level(mm) Neck type
PET Bottle Square or Round Bottle 250-2000ml

Distance from bottle neck

According request

As request
Adjustable specifications of the bottle type Bottle diameter ≤110mm Bottle Height≤320mm
  Customers need to buy additional change-over parts for the different bottles.
If using square bottles, then bottle separating system will be added.
Container Label & Control Mode Packaging system Palletizing system


Hot Melt Sticker Labeling

PVC Shrink Labeling

Full Label/ Half Label

Manual / Automatic

Packing system Min, Spec.
Low position gantry palletizer
Robot Palletizer
High position gantry palletizer
Single Arm Palletizer
Manual Palletizer
Film shrinker
Wrap Around packer
Robert Packing Machine
User Ambient Conditions Temperature:10~40℃;Humidity:No dew
User Electrical Supply Specification Voltage:380V±5%, 3phase; Frequency:50HZ±1%

automatically stop the bottle card.9000BPH 500ml PET Bottle Water Filling Machine (KSCGF08B) 2

sunrise-In China's excellent filling one-stop service enterprises. Provide a full set of irrigation machine services for the production of 350ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L, 10L, 15L bottled drinking water, such as Yiyun water, Paris water, baisaishan mineral water, Nongfu mineral water, Hengda ice spring and other internationally famous bottled drinking water. According to the actual needs of different customers, we have launched a series of high-quality water production lines with different production speeds, including small 2000 bottle / hour - water filling machine, 4000 bottle / hour - water filling machine, 6000 bottle / hour - water filling machine, 10000 bottle / hour - water filling machine, 15000 bottle / hour - water filling machine, 20000 bottle / hour - 36000 bottle / hour - water filling machine, To bring high quality one-stop water production line solutions to customers all over the world.

Here, let's popularize a little knowledge. Now there are pure water, mineral water, natural drinking water, mineral water, etc. on the market. Then, pure water is mainly composed of water molecules, which does not contain any mineral elements beneficial to human body. Now there is no scientific confirmation whether drinking pure water for a long time is good or bad. Mineral water is natural gushing from deep underground or artificially exposed and unpolluted underground mineral water, which contains mineral elements beneficial to human body. The purpose of water treatment equipment is to remove particulate impurities and related harmful substances in drinking water and retain mineral elements beneficial to human body. Source water and mineral water purification equipment mainly includes raw water tank, booster pump, quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, precision filter, hollow fiber filter, ultraviolet sterilizer, pure water tank and ozone generator.
In the plant layout of the whole water filling production line, not only the complete set of drinking water production line equipment, but also a series of interior decoration and air purification are required. One shift is required when entering the plant, and two shifts are required when entering the filling room. Ordinary steel structure is OK. Before ordering the pure water production line, according to the size of the plant, Design the production layout of bottled pure water flow line in advance. According to the 1:1 planning, design the position of drainage ditch in advance to avoid the trouble of rework. In the actual production process of bottled water, there is water everywhere, so the sewage discharge needs to be designed reasonably. The floor can be made into epoxy floor with thickness of about 1 mm, which is very environmentally friendly and has less wind dust. The whole set of bottled water production line is arranged according to the equipment layout designed in advance.


Configurations of water filling machine:

Name Supplier
PLC SIemens
Touch screen weinvew
Frequency converter Danfoss
Air switch,circuit breaker contactor Schneider
Photoeleceric switch SICK
Proximity switch SICK
Intermediate relay Schneider
Temperature control,pressure meter Omron
Main motoe Zhejiang Tongli
Main bearing harbin
Lubrication bearing Harbin
Seal component Han sheng
Pneuamatic componenr Airtac
Bottle washing pump Nan fang Pump

9000BPH 500ml PET Bottle Water Filling Machine (KSCGF08B) 39000BPH 500ml PET Bottle Water Filling Machine (KSCGF08B) 49000BPH 500ml PET Bottle Water Filling Machine (KSCGF08B) 59000BPH 500ml PET Bottle Water Filling Machine (KSCGF08B) 6