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Linear Plastic Blow Moulding Machine , SUNRISE Pet Preform Machine

Linear Plastic Blow Moulding Machine , SUNRISE Pet Preform Machine

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    Linear Plastic Blow Moulding Machine


    SUNRISE Pet Preform Machine


    Linear Plastic Pet Preform Machine

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    Jiangsu, China
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    EcoVadis audit, UL certification, SGS certification, Sedex certification, European Union PED, American ASME, German TUV, Russian GOST, European Union ATEX, Australia AS1210, CE, ISO
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Linear Plastic Blow Moulding Machine , SUNRISE Pet Preform Machine

1 Out 6 Cavity Linear Blow Molding Machine


I. Overview:

    "All-electric version" R series high-speed linear automatic bottle blowing machine is developed and produced by our company using advanced bottle-making technology. The single-cavity capacity of the blow molding machine can reach 2000 bottles/hour/cavity (≤600ml bottles), which can meet the needs of customers with high production capacity. It is mainly used for blowing PET container bottles (cold blow moulding) for packaging drinking water, beverages, edible oil, soy sauceedible vinegar, beer, food, etc. This machine is equipped with an automatic preformation system with high automation and stable performance. The speed is fast. In the whole production process, the man-machine is separated to reduce pollution sources and ensure product quality.


2. (Electric version) The performance and characteristics of the bottle blowing machine:


    - Application of servo PLC system:


    Use Omron PLC servo system (motion controller, modular), use PTO (servo as a module) system for high-speed positioning, proximity sensor switch to find the target position of the track, send high-speed signals to the servo system, through the built-in high-speed servo motor The precise rotary encoder detects the position of the track online, and the information is fed back to the control system. Finally, the PLC and positioning module perform high-speed positioning.


    - Application structure of servo motor:


    Mould base opening/closing power system:


    A servo motor/reducer is used to drive the synchronous belt transmission to realize the linkage driving the two sides of the mold base plate to open and close the mold and the bottom mold. The synchronization mechanism adopts a clockwise circular 360-degree rotation direction. 〔When the servo motor drives the synchronous belt to rotate one circle, one mould opening and closing cycle can be completed〕, and the high pressure pressurized air source is added to the clamping (buffering reduces the impact force of the mold, effectively protects the mold, and reduces the clamping line of the finished bottle Visibility). The servo motor power mold opening and closing structure makes full use of engineering simulation analysis to achieve the effects of high precision, accuracy and stability, fast speed, simple structure, energy saving and environmental protection of the mold opening and closing; the cycle time of the bottle blowing machine to open and close the mold can reach 0.3 ~0.5 seconds/time.


    Preform entering and heating stepping mechanism: the preform enters the heating box by rotating type, and the preform heating uses a servo motorreducer to drive the synchronous belt linkage transmission stepping. The 360 ​​degree rotation of the preform heating is controlled by a frequency conversion motor. , Rotary single-row preform heating mechanism, the preform is heated by hanging mouth (bottle mouth facing upwards); a servo motor is used to synchronize and interlock on a slider track for rotating high-speed stepping and positioning to simplify steps Advance action makes the stepping track fast and stable, shortens the production cycle, and greatly improves production efficiency.


    The preform is heated and the preform is clamped out and the preform is divided into a variable pitch system mechanism: the preform is heated after the preform is heated, and the power of the screw variable pitch preform division uses a servo motorreducer to drive the screw and the variable pitch linkage type transmission step.

    After heating, the preform is sent to the blow molding stationthe finished bottle is discharged. Step structure: the preform is heated to the blow molding station, and the finished bottle is discharged (to take out the finished bottle from the blow mold cavity) using a servo motorreducer drive Synchronous belt linkage drive stepping;


    Stretching system: The bottle blowing and pulling process also uses a servo motorreducer drive (bottle mouth is upupward down), so the flexibility and accuracy of the blowing adjustment process are greatly improved (convenient Change the bottle type's lift adjustment).


    - Application of constant temperature heating box:


    The thermostatic preform heating light box adopts a modular control system, using infrared tubes and reflectors for heating; after setting the temperature value, the equipment can automatically adjust the output power according to the ratio, without being affected by voltage fluctuations and The influence of environmental temperature changes; at the same time, the circulating air cooling controlled by the inverter can effectively ensure the heating temperature inside the light box, so that the surface of each preform is heated uniformly with the internal temperature.


    Moreover, the bottle keeps 360 degrees of rotation in the light box, so that all sides of each preform can also be heated evenly, which improves the blowing rate and the range of adaptation of thick-walled preforms; the preform is taken after the preform is heated Configure bottle temperature detection system!


    - The bottle mouth cooling adopts a circulating cooling water protection system device, and at the same time, it is supplemented with a circulating air cooling controlled by a frequency converter to ensure that the bottle mouth does not deform when the preform is heated.


    - The important parts of the whole machine (such as servo motor, reducer, electrical/pneumatic parts, etc.) are imported famous brand products from Europe, America and Japan to ensure the reliability, stability and life of the equipment;


    - Man-machine interface control, simple operation, overall computer control, including temperature adjustment and embryo delivery;


    - The independent movable operating platform box makes it more convenient and flexible to arrange operations.


    - When the automatic embryo processing system is in processing the embryo, each embryo channel has a detection photoelectric light detection, which controls the action of the epidermal motor and the embryo dividing cylinder to ensure the uniform distribution of the embryo tube in each embryo channel, and has the function of warning for lack of material;


    - The process of preforming, preforming, taking out and discharging bottles is all automated to avoid secondary pollution; the loading hopper is equipped with a dust-proof cover (stainless steel) to meet the dust-proof and hygienic standards.


    - The mold installation method is "drawer push type" up and down positioning installation, the staff only need to operate and replace on the ground, which is safer, more convenient, faster and more efficient; the mold base of the blowing machine is equipped with a bottle mold installation swing arm (It can be equipped with a hoist crane), which can easily and quickly complete mold replacement within an hour;


    - The programmable logic controller (PLC) and the machine are connected through a specific communication cable, and the user can manage all the operations of the machine through the PLC. Once the machine has a fault, it will provide the operator with a warning signal and a fault diagnosis report. The operator can quickly find the cause of the fault and eliminate it as soon as possible through the fault display.


    - The reciprocating parts of the bottle blowing machine are equipped with protective devices and warning signs.


    - The high-pressure blowing valve of the bottle blowing machine can be equipped with a device that converts to low-pressure gas, which can ensure that it can be converted normally without low-pressure gas; during the blowing production process, the gas source discharged after the blowing can be recovered The low pressure cylinder is reused.


Linear Plastic Blow Moulding Machine , SUNRISE Pet Preform Machine 0Linear Plastic Blow Moulding Machine , SUNRISE Pet Preform Machine 1Linear Plastic Blow Moulding Machine , SUNRISE Pet Preform Machine 2


三.(All-electricenergy-saving) main technical parameters of the bottle blowing machine (one out of six cavities):


Blow molding group specifications Clamping force kg 60000
Mold stroke mm 120
Tie rod stroke mm 320
Bottom mold stroke mm 30
Bottle spacing (mould center pitch) mm 92
Number of cavities (cavities) Cavity 6
Bottle specifications Maximum bottle capacity L 0.75
Maximum tooth size mm 18~30
Maximum bottle diameter mm 84
Maximum bottle height mm 320
Preform heating center pitch mm 48
Bottle blowing capacity (250~600ml bottle10~18g preform) Bottlehour 13500
Electricity Standard for Blow Molding Machine 380V(±5%)50HZThree-phase four-wire.
Host power specifications Number of heating boxes A 4
Total number of heating lamps Support 36
Rated total installed power kw 98
Actual use power KW 36~45

High pressure air compressor specifications

(Blowing gas source)

Blowing pressure Kg 25~30
High pressure air consumption m3 6~8

Frozen water specifications


Operating pressure Kg/c㎡ ≥4
temperature range 5~20
Cooling capacity kcal/hr 12000
Chilled water flow L/min 70

Cooling water specifications

(Cooling Tower)

Work pressure Kg/c㎡ 3
temperature range 25
Cooling water flow L/min 380
Machine specifications Floor space size of the whole machine (L*W*H) mm 6397*3346*3300
Total Weight Kg 7800