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Linear Blow Molding System 0.6L Bottle servo PLC system

Linear Blow Molding System 0.6L Bottle servo PLC system

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    linear Blow Molding System


    0.6L Bottle Blow Molding System


    PLC System bottle blow molding machine

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  • Mold Stroke
  • Tie Rod Stroke
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    Jiangsu, China
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    EcoVadis audit, UL certification, SGS certification, Sedex certification, European Union PED, American ASME, German TUV, Russian GOST, European Union ATEX, Australia AS1210, CE, ISO
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Linear Blow Molding System 0.6L Bottle servo PLC system

1 Out 4 Cavity Linear Blow Molding Machine




    The 1-out 4-cavity linear bottle blowing machine is developed and produced by our company using advanced bottle-making technology. The single-cavity capacity of the blow molding machine has been increased from the original 1000 bottles/hour to a maximum of 1750~1500 bottles/hour/cavity (≤0.60L bottles), which can meet the needs of customers with high production capacity. It is mainly used for blowing PET container bottles (cold blow molding) for drinking water, beverages, food, cosmetics, medicines, etc. This machine is equipped with an automatic preformation system with high automation, stable performance and high speed. The whole production process , Separation of man and machine, reduce pollution sources and ensure product quality.


(Full electric version) The performance and characteristics of the bottle blowing machine:


    1. Application of servo PLC system:


    Use the Omron PLC servo system, use the PTO (servo as a module) system for high-speed positioning, the proximity sensor switch finds the target position of the track, sends a high-speed signal to the servo system, and detects the track's position online through the high-precision rotary encoder built in the servo motor The position and information are fed back to the control system, and finally the PLC and positioning module perform high-speed positioning.


    2. Application structure of servo motor:


    Mould base opening and closing power system: a servo motorreducer is used to drive the two sides of the mold base plate to open and close the mold together with the bottom mold through the synchronous belt transmission. The synchronization mechanism adopts a clockwise circular 360-degree rotation direction movement. When the servo motor drives the synchronous belt to rotate one-half turn, a mold opening and closing cycle can be completed], and the high-pressure pressurized air source is supplemented with mold clamping (buffering reduces the impact force of the mold, effectively protects the mold, and reduces the closing line of the finished bottle Visibility). The servo motor power mold opening and closing structure makes full use of engineering simulation analysis to achieve the effects of high precision, accuracy and stability, fast speed, simple structure, energy saving and environmental protection of the mold opening and closing; the cycle time of the bottle blowing machine to open and close the mold can reach 0.3 ~0.5 seconds/time.


    Stepping system:


    Preform heating, preform delivery to the blow molding station, and finished bottle output. The stepping system uses a servo motor to synchronize and link on a slider track for rotary high-speed stepping and positioning [using a servo motor to drive the gear plate to rotate two One step cycle can be completed at one-half of a circle (that is, four preforms are heated at the same time, four blow molding stations are entered, and four bottles are discharged from the finished bottle). The overall stepping action is simplified, so that the stepping The track is fast and stable, shortens the production cycle, and greatly improves production efficiency).
Stretching system: Servo motor is also used in the blowing and lifting process, which greatly improves the flexibility and accuracy of the blowing adjustment process (it is convenient to change the bottle type and adjust the lifting).


    3. High-pressure blowing valve (bottle blowing gas source) system:


    The high-pressure blowing valve performs pre-blowing, blowing, and exhausting to ensure rapid and accurate blowing; the blowing machine is free of low-pressure air compressors, which can save 22kw/hourset of electricity and save the purchase of low-pressure The cost of the air compressor and the saving of space, achieve energy saving and environmental protection, and greatly improve the blowing production speed/capacity


    4. Mould positioning and installation can easily and quickly complete mould replacement within one hour;


    5. The arrangement structure of the heating box saves heating space and energy consumption, and makes full use of the internal space;


Linear Blow Molding System 0.6L Bottle servo PLC system 0

Linear Blow Molding System 0.6L Bottle servo PLC system 1

Linear Blow Molding System 0.6L Bottle servo PLC system 2


    6. Application of constant temperature heating box:


    The thermostatic light box adopts a self-feedback closed-loop adjustment system. After setting the temperature value, the device can automatically adjust the output power according to the ratio, and is not affected by voltage fluctuations and changes in ambient temperature. At the same time, supplemented with a frequency converter to control the circulating air, it can more effectively ensure the constant temperature inside the light box, so that each preform is heated evenly. Moreover, the bottle keeps rotating in the light box, so that all sides of each preform can also be heated uniformly, thereby increasing the blowing rate, improving the adaptability of the thickness of the embryo wall (the thickness can reach 4.5mm); and it is more weather-friendly Use in environments with large temperature differences (-28~45℃).


    7. Circulating cooling water protects the bottle mouth system device to ensure that the bottle mouth does not deform when the preform is heated;


    8. The important parts of the whole machine (such as electrical, pneumatic parts, hydraulic pressure, reducer, etc.) are imported European, American and Japanese famous brand products to ensure the reliability, stability and life of the equipment;


    9. Man-machine interface control, simple operation, overall computer control, including temperature adjustment and embryo delivery;


    10. Independent operation box, more convenient and flexible to arrange operation positions;


    11. When the automatic embryo processing system is in processing the embryo, each embryo channel has a detection photoelectric switch detection, which controls the action of the epidermal motor and the embryo dividing cylinder to ensure the uniform distribution of the embryo tube in each embryo channel, and has the alarm function for lack of material;


    12. The processes of automatic embryo sorting, preforming, bottle taking and discharging are all automatically completed by manipulators to avoid secondary pollution;


    13. The programmable logic controller (PLC) and the machine are connected through a specific communication cable, and the user can manage all the operations of the machine through the PLC. Once the machine has a fault, it will provide the operator with a warning signal and a fault diagnosis report. The operator can quickly find the cause of the fault and eliminate it as soon as possible through the fault display.


(Electric version) Main technical parameters of blow molding machine BLMS-6000 (four cavities in one output):


  UNIT KYBM-6000
Forming group specifications Clamping force kg 42000
Mold stroke mm 120
Tie rod stroke mm 240
Bottom mold stroke mm 30
Bottle spacing mm 76
Cavity number cavities 4
Bottle specifications Bottle capacity L 0.6
Maximum tooth size mm 18~38
Maximum bottle diameter mm 70
Maximum bottle height mm 240
Number of revolutions pcs 83
※※Blowing capacity Bottle/hour 7000~6000
Host power specifications rated power kw 56
Power consumption KW 35

High pressure air compressor specifications

(Blowing gas source)

Blowing pressure Kg/c㎡ 35
High pressure air consumption m3/min 6

Frozen water specifications

Operating pressure Kg/c㎡ ≥4
temperature range 5-20
Cooling capacity kcal/hr 12222
Chilled water flow m3/h 4.90

Cooling water specifications
(Cooling Tower)

Work pressure Kg/c㎡ 3
temperature range ≤37
Cooling water flow m3/h 5.30
Mainframe specifications Mainframe size(L*W*H) mm 3232*1800*2200
Main machine weight Kg 4500
Machine specifications
Overall size


mm 4532*4352*3000
Total Weight Kg 5500