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Juice Filling Machine Beverage Filling Equipment Filling Line Configuration

September 28, 2021

Juice filling machine

for the apparatus after the finished juice beverage ingredients, filling the interior of sterilizing bottles, and cap sealed. With sterilization of bottles, bottle washing, filling, sealing and other functions. Depending on the nature of the material which has filled the filling valve in different ways. The gas-containing fruit juice, fruit juice-containing particles, the high temperature required in the filling and juice filling valve and the filling temperature filling process is different.

latest company news about Juice Filling Machine Beverage Filling Equipment Filling Line Configuration

Juice filling beverage filling equipment filling into plastic bottles of juice beverage production line, juice filling production line cans, glass bottles of fruit juice beverage filling equipment, Tetra Brik carton beverage filling equipment, depending on the container.

Fruit juice beverage production line filling machine set rinsed bottles, hot filling, and screwing, cooperates with the hot-fill vacuum reflux is a fully automated system, the filling process all fruit drink overflow suction breathe reflux tank, and then pumped back to the drink filling the anterior UHT ultra high temperature sterilization sterilizing machine again, and then filling. The fully enclosed liquid tank with upper and lower semicircular heads is cleaned without dead corners. There is a temperature detector inside, and the temperature can be set arbitrarily, such as 85 degrees. Once the juice drink fails in the production process, it will cause the juice three-in-one filling installed stopped a few minutes, juice drinks inside the cylinder temperature drops below 85 degrees, this time filling machine stops working, all fruit juice drinks inside the cylinder will be drawn into the reflow filling pasteurized again to continue Filling operation. This is known as juice drinks hot filling, the machine itself, without heating function, but you can control the temperature of the filling material is good, at 85 degrees ambient, juice drinks will not breed bacteria, to extend the shelf life of the finished beverage.

latest company news about Juice Filling Machine Beverage Filling Equipment Filling Line Configuration

Juice production line configuration Process: immersion washing → the belt-type apparatus picking fruit machine beater → → → tank filter pot sugar → → filtration → formulations double double filter system → → sterilization → homogenizer degasser → → → rinsing tank insulation filling and capping machine cover → → → drying machine inkjet printer → → carton packaging labeling machines.

latest company news about Juice Filling Machine Beverage Filling Equipment Filling Line Configuration

The juice beverages produced by the juice beverage filling production line generally have a certain viscosity. In order to increase the filling speed, we use negative pressure filling, using vacuum pumps to pump pressure, while pumping pressure. The air is reduced, and the beverage gradually fills the entire bottle. The filling liquid tank is customized according to the characteristics of the juice beverage. Now the juice beverage uses high temperature filling in order to reduce the cost of sterilization and improve the shelf life and health safety of the beverage. The liquid tank can withstand high temperatures. At 75-95 degrees Celsius, the valve used for filling is also a special high-temperature valve, and it also has an automatic return system to return the low-temperature beverage to the blending system for automatic heating. The material of the juice drink in the PET bottle also needs to be high temperature resistant. The lid is made of PE material and can not deform at high temperatures. At the same time, the material is an environmentally friendly food type. The screw cap adopts a high-speed screw cap with adjustable torque. The bottle mouth is usually larger, so the screw cap size is larger than the general bottle, and the capping performance is higher. The manufacturer can make precise equipment adjustments according to customer requirements before leaving the factory, so that customers can use it directly at the factory without debugging. The screw cap is made of 304 stainless steel, sanitary standard. The temperature of the filled beverage is relatively high after filling, and the long-term high temperature state will easily affect the taste of the beverage and lose the nutrition of the fruit juice beverage. It is necessary to lower the temperature of the fruit juice to room temperature. The temperature of the preform itself is also relatively high. The cooling adopts multi-stage cooling, which can avoid large temperature differences. The multi-stage cooling can recirculate the water in the temperature zone close to the temperature for reuse. The spray water is sprayed, which can be comprehensive Spray evenly. The movable chain plate is suitable for many kinds.