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Fruit Juice Manufacturing Process - Sunrise Intelligent Equipment

March 12, 2021
latest company news about Fruit Juice Manufacturing Process - Sunrise Intelligent Equipment

There are many ways that people in normal business can distinguish between different types of drinks
According to the nature of the contents : 1. Protein drinks (including plant proteins, such as walnut milk drinks and animal proteins, such as milk drinks) 2. Fruit drinks (fruit drinks should be subdivided, such as hot filling, medium temperature cans, and aseptic cold filling). Water (all kinds of water, mineral water, pure water, mountain spring water) 4, energy drinks (such as some cattle) 5, carbonic acid (two le, etc.).

latest company news about Fruit juice beverage production process?

According to the form of packaging: 1, can products. 2. PET tea. 3. Tetra Pak package products.

Since this question is about the production process of fruit juice drinks, it will only be explained according to the fruit juice drinks in the first classification.

The quality of fruit juice drinks on the market is uneven at present. The processing must be very different, too.
1. Pure additive drinks. The process of making this drink is incredibly simple. Water is taken from the ground, filtered and sterilized in general, and then heated. Pour into the mixing tank, and add certain auxiliary materials in the mixing tank according to the established formula, such as: sugar, essence, stabilizer, etc. Keep warming up. The purpose of heating is to mix the ingredients well. Get the mixture. The mixed liquid is filtered and then put into the temporary storage tank to be heated for later use. In terms of the packaging of the back section: pump the mixture into the filling cylinder, and the filling machine will put it into the corresponding packaging, which may be PET bottles or cans. This was followed by simple sterilization. Under normal circumstances, because such drinks are relatively acidic, acidic environment has its own antibacterial function, so sterilization is relatively simple. Follow-up inkjet coding packing. Note: this kind of product, except water is additive, is really undrinkable. When I was in a factory, the manufacturer provided me with their product, which made rock sugar snow pear type of drink, with pear juice content of 0, and the taste of the mixture was more mellow than that of the beverage mixed with pear juice. It's so fucking scary.

2. Fruit juice blending class. Under normal circumstances, a little larger enterprises, or will choose juice blending. That means there's still a certain amount of pure juice in the drink. In this kind of juice, the juice manufacturer collects the original fruit, presses the juice, concentrates the juice after a certain proportion, and then sells it. When the customer needs to add, the concentrate can be restored in a certain proportion. Of course, we don't need to go into the content. The process is similar to the above. Not now. The filling temperature is generally 85-92 ℃.

3. NFC juice. The so-called NFC juice is non - concentrated juice. That's juice that didn't go through the previous process. Fresh juice, fresh juice out, directly into the PET bottle. The filling temperature is 25-30 ℃. The filling process should be carried out under commercial sterile conditions. Equipment costs are relatively high. The unit price of packing material has dropped significantly. It is of great benefit to the reduction of product cost. But because the shelf life and process control of such products are many, many times more complex, the price of such products has been high. As the development trend of fruit juice drinks, NFC drinks will certainly become the focus of subsequent development.


latest company news about Fruit Juice Manufacturing Process - Sunrise Intelligent Equipment