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IP65 enclosure Inkjet Inspection Machine 1500 cans / min

IP65 enclosure Inkjet Inspection Machine 1500 cans / min

  • High Light

    IP65 Enclosure Inkjet Inspection Machine


    1500 Cans / Min Inkjet Inspection Machine

  • Dimensions
  • External Air Source
  • Air Consumption Of Rejector
  • Single-phase Temperature
  • Power
  • External Air Source Flow
  • Maximum Detection Speed
    1500 Cans/min
  • Altitude
    <3000 Meters
  • External Power Supply
  • External Air Source Interface
    Outside Diameter φ10 Trachea
  • Place of Origin
    Jiangsu, China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    EcoVadis audit, UL certification, SGS certification, Sedex certification, European Union PED, American ASME, German TUV, Russian GOST, European Union ATEX, Australia AS1210, CE, ISO
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Standard shipping wooden box or stretch film packaging
  • Delivery Time
    120 days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    6 units per year

IP65 enclosure Inkjet Inspection Machine 1500 cans / min

TJGDMJ15C Type Inkjet Testing Machine


1. Equipment overview


The inkjet inspection machine is an intelligent guided vision system with a detection speed of up to 1500 BPM and a non-contact online detection method. The detection principle is based on the world's leading intelligent vision technology, which is close to human judgment. The system can realize different functions according to different detection requirements.
This product is specially used in the detection of defective coding. It adopts intelligent learning tools and simple operation settings. Only the qualified products are set, and the machine can automatically determine the defective products. Anyone can master the settings and use at the fastest speed.
The TJGDMJ15C inkjet printer is upgraded and developed on the basis of our company's first generation machine. The second generation machine is mainly capable of identifying and testing single characters. Can achieve single character missing and character integrity detection.


2. Technical parameters and characteristics


A. technical parameter:


Dimensions:   827*709*1928mm
External air source:   >0.5Mpa
Air consumption of rejector:   ≈0.01L/time
Single-phase temperature:  0ºC-45ºC
Power:   0.5KW
External air source flow:   >500L/min
Maximum detection speed:   1500 cans/min
Altitude:   <3000 meters
External power supply:   AC220V/
External air source interface:   outside diameter φ10 trachea


B. Structural features:

Non-contact detection, storage of ten product types
Chinese language menu 10 groups of deleted data save
Color man-machine interface operation Digital signal processing
Up to IP65 grade enclosure Suspended probe assembly
Reliable high-speed hit Accurate hit timing encoder
Continuous hitting alarm network remote control (optional)

C. Realize the detection function:

No code, missing lines, missing characters, incomplete characters, etc.


IP65 enclosure Inkjet Inspection Machine 1500 cans / min 0IP65 enclosure Inkjet Inspection Machine 1500 cans / min 1IP65 enclosure Inkjet Inspection Machine 1500 cans / min 2


3. Principle and structure


A. Detection principle

The non-contact online detection method is adopted, and the detection principle is based on the world's leading intelligent vision technology. Using a high-precision camera, when the inspected product passes under the detector, it can quickly identify whether the inkjet code above the inspection product is consistent with the pre-stored correct inkjet code. Through software processing, it can be judged whether the inkjet code is qualified or not, and then the unqualified tank can be determined according to the judgment result. Remove from the tank stream.

B. System composition

The detection system is mainly composed of man-machine interface, inkjet detection unit, and rejector. The man-machine interface includes touch screen, tower lamp and operation interface. The rejector is the actuator of the system and is used to divert or reject unqualified cans. 


4.Testing machine accessories brand


Display:   Nodka, 12-inch touch screen;
Cylinder:   Japan SMC;
Lens:   Japan Combada;
Solenoid valve:   American MAC;
Camera:   German Baomeng;
Signal lights, circuit breakers:   Schneider;
Light source:   T-Line
Industrial fan:   Australia Leizike;
Industrial PC:   Nodka
Encoder:   Ike, Switzerland;
Optoelectronics:   Japan Omron;