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TJGMGJ03 PET Capping Liquid Level Detector 1200 Bottles/Min

TJGMGJ03 PET Capping Liquid Level Detector 1200 Bottles/Min

  • High Light

    TJGMGJ03 Liquid Level Detector


    PET Capping Liquid Level Detector


    1200 Bottles/Min Liquid Level Detector

  • Shape Size
  • Body Material
  • Power Of The Whole Machine
  • External Power Supply
    AC220V/single Phase;
  • Maximum Speed
    1200 Bottle/min;
  • External Air Source
  • Power Frequency
  • Gas Consumption
  • Place of Origin
    Jiangsu, China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    EcoVadis audit, UL certification, SGS certification, Sedex certification, European Union PED, American ASME, German TUV, Russian GOST, European Union ATEX, Australia AS1210, CE, ISO
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Standard shipping wooden box or stretch film packaging
  • Delivery Time
    120 days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    6 units per year

TJGMGJ03 PET Capping Liquid Level Detector 1200 Bottles/Min

TJGMGJ03 PET Capping Liquid Level Inkjet Printer


Function Description:

    The PET capping liquid level inkjet detector is composed of a detection unit, a human-machine interface, a control unit, and a reject mechanism. It is suitable for the capping, liquid level, and inkjet detection of high-speed PET bottle production lines. With mature technology and rich experience, we can do: detection of no cover, high cover, crooked cover, broken bridge, ring defect, bottleneck deformation, miscellaneous cover, liquid level detection, etc.

    The equipment uses a professional image processing system to achieve 360-degree omni-directional detection. The simple design of the bottle changing and lifting mechanism can quickly adapt to a variety of bottle types through simple manual adjustment. The compact inspection cabinet minimizes the equipment footprint. The detection operation status and fault conditions are all displayed on the man-machine interface. The detection unit can also be configured according to customer requirements.


Detection Principle And Accuracy:​

    --Principles of cover defect detection:

    This module uses 2 CCD cameras and multiple light sources to take pictures of the front and back of the bottle from different angles, to achieve the detection effect without blind spots, and to ensure efficient image acquisition. The main function is to detect unqualified bottles such as missing caps, high caps, crooked caps, and broken or missing anti-theft rings.
The cover detection module uses 2 CCD cameras to supplement the blind spots that may occur in the cover detection while performing the detection, ensuring a better detection effect. There is a control system to ensure the normal operation of the detection module, and reject products with unqualified caps and liquid levels through a single-stage rejector. Anti-water drop and burr algorithm to eliminate water drop and burr at the bottle cap.

    High-precision defect features:


    First, the image is preprocessed, the image threshold segmentation method based on local adaptive binarization is studied, the position of the safety ring is determined, the image is rotated and restored according to the slope, and the corresponding weak classifier is extracted feature.


    --Principle of liquid level detection

This module uses the same CCD camera of the vertical chain in the cap detection. The camera takes the liquid level image from the front to ensure that the liquid level in the bottle is horizontal in the image when the bottle is still. The image processing principle used in this module is that the part below the liquid level is black in the image, and the part of the empty bottle above the liquid level is white. Special methods are used to distinguish whether the liquid level is lower or higher than the standard.

    --Principles of coding detection

    This unit uses a CCD camera to detect inkjet codes. There is a PLC control system to ensure the correct operation of the coding inspection, and the single-stage rejector behind the coding inspection machine will correctly reject the unqualified bottles of the coding. The coding detection function mainly realizes the detection functions of whether the coding is present or missing parts.

    Firstly, accurately locate and extract the coding area. The extracted coding area can directly detect whether the coding is defective. Then segment the characters in the coding area, and the result of the segmentation can be detected for partial missing of the coding.


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Major Accessory Brands:


1. Image processor:  Nuvo; 2. Display:   NODKA, 15-inch touch screen;
3. CCD camera:   BAUMER, Germany; 4. Lens: 



5. Optoelectronics:   Leuze, Germany; 6. PLC:   Japan Omron;
7. Light source:   Jingqing; 8. Light source controller:   V-Light;
9. Industrial air conditioner:   Australia Leizike; 10. Cylinder:  Japan SMC;
11. Solenoid valve:   American MAC; 12. Signal lights, circuit breakers:   Schneider;
13. Others:   MISUMI, PHOENIX    


Technical Parameters And Characteristics:

    There are also high-quality accessories for PET capping, liquid level, and inkjet testing machines:

    Light source: LED surface light source with a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours. Using the background light method of illumination, the edge contour of the measured object can be clearly outlined; in the image, the bottle cap part and the liquid part in the bottle are black, and the bottle cap The part above the gap and the liquid in the bottle is white, forming a "black and white" image that is convenient for system analysis and processing.
Lens: A manual iris fixed focus lens is adopted, and the image formed on the CCD target surface is clearest by adjusting the "focus adjustment ring", and the brightness of the image is optimized by adjusting the "aperture adjustment ring".

    Camera: Using area CCD analog camera, the camera resolution is 640*480 pixels, and the image acquisition speed can reach 80 frames per second.