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One-stop service for plum juice

July 19, 2021

The canned plum juice production line project undertaken by Sunrise this time is an important part of the ebony industry chain of Senhao Group. It has put forward higher requirements for its automation, intelligence, and overall visit effect. In the end, Kaiqisi and Senhao After nearly a year of technical exchanges, detailed confirmation, and plan adjustments, the technical team of the group finally won the trust of customers once again with its experienced technical team and advanced overall line design concepts. The relevant leaders of Senhao Group gave our company's entire factory The planning ability, process optimization ability and the degree of intelligence of the whole line have been highly affirmed. This can production line includes four parts: water treatment system, pre-allocation system, can filling machine and post packaging system, and online product inspection system. The production capacity is 650-800 cans/min. It adopts advanced technology at home and abroad and is equipped with a full set of online intelligent inspections. The system realizes fully automated factory production with intelligent manufacturing.

latest company news about One-stop service for plum juice

latest company news about One-stop service for plum juice

Since the establishment of the company, Sunrise (Chinese name 凯麒斯) knows that the development of intelligent manufacturing is a strategic issue related to the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. With the dream of making China's food and beverage intelligent packaging machinery, Sunrise constantly innovates and seeks changes, actively integrates, and uses intelligent manufacturing as the source of power and foundation to meet challenges, grow rapidly, seize opportunities, and work together.