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Aseptic tank

Aseptic tank: The aseptic tank is mainly installed in the middle of the high temperature and aseptic filling machine, which plays a buffer role. Its advantage is that it can avoid the reflux of the high-temperature sterilizer, which can ensure the quality of milk and juice. Milk and juice can be canned into the canning machine after only one sterilization. Moreover, when the canning machine fails to be canned, the sterilizer and aseptic tank can still work, and the milk produced at high temperature can continue to be temporarily stored in the aseptic tank. In this way, when the filling machine is repaired, the materials in the aseptic tank can continue to be filled into the filling machine. There is no need to run a high-temperature disinfection machine for production. The use of aseptic tanks will greatly reduce the cost of the company and improve the quality of the company's products. 1. Made of SUS304 stainless steel. 2. The size is in accordance with customer requirements.